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RKM Studios is a dedicated team of artists focused on providing the highest quality image viewing experience and delivery.  We collaborate with Directors and DPs to execute their vision while providing years of developed experience and taste.  We offer a streamlined workflow, leveraging the power of DaVinci Resolve as both an NLE and online tool.  From Edit, to Color, to Online finishing, we maintain pixel-perfect image. 

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Creative Color Grading

We create remarkable and evocative stories told through color.  

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Post Producing

RKM Studios can help co-produce post, bringing the right team together for your budget.  You’ve shot it, let us take care of the rest.


Online Conform

We work in a high-quality DaVinci Resolve based workflow, making sure every pixel is how it is meant to be.


Social Media

Our designer can put together reels, stories, stills, color palettes for your social campaign. 



No story can be told without an edit; work with us to craft yours.


Color or Edit Suite Rental

Review your edit in a client presenting space with professional calibrated state of the art reference monitors, including the Sony HDR Mastering Monitor.

RKM Services Details

Creative Color Grading

Creative Color

Client-Ready Rec709/ HDR Color Suites

P3 Theatrical Color Suite with our facility partner, REAL by FAKE

Remote Color Review with private stream

Beauty work

Image revival 

Selective blurs


Online Conform

Online editorial (rebuild after color)

Client-Ready Rec709 Color Suite

Remote QC Review with private stream

Multiple file delivery

Project archive to LTO

DCP through our DCP partner, Simple DCP


Offline Editorial

Client-Ready Rec709 Edit Suite

Remote Editorial Review with private stream

Dailies hosted on for remote viewing


Post Producing

Post producing and supervisor services

Hire, schedule, and execute all aspects of post production up to distribution.


Social Media & Design Services

Hero stills

Video before/afters

Designed photosets

Color palettes 

Facility Consulting

Consulting for IT and post production facility setup

Workstation builds

Video production ready networking

Display routing and setup

Server room setup

Color/ Edit suite setups


LTO Backup creation (LTO 7 or 8)

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